26 april 2017

22 april 2017

The art of destroying a beautiful house with paint....

The summer house built in 1980 was on the outside originally painted with black color inclusive the two supporting beams (a rather important architectural detail !).

The interiors were once covered with quality pine ..floor, walls, ceiling !

Waste of money, waste of paint....and irreversible. The two white painted beams is a sacrilege.

Here a little "left-over" as a reminder of the beauty of pine

21 april 2017

20 april 2017

Casa da Sorte....

photo: 1966, by Garcia Nunes

1963, by Querubim Lapa (tiles)

19 april 2017


Majornas Missionsförsamling, 1963, by Rune Lund

18 april 2017

Hotel Ritz....

photo: M. de Castro

Tiles by António Louro de Almeida (?). Building, 1959, by Porfírio Pardal Monteiro and Jorge Ferreira Chaves

Querubim Lapa....

Lisboa, 1956, entrance to "A Rampa" by Conceição Silva

AB Volvo Corporate Headquarters....

Göteborg, 1984, by Romaldo Giurgola (photo: GP)

16 april 2017

Fábrica Kores....

..Lisboa, 1955. Photo: Cisneiros de Faria

15 april 2017

07 april 2017


National Theatre, 1976, by Denys Lasdun 

30 mars 2017

28 mars 2017

Rua Augusta....

(click to enlarge)

Under the second half of the 1980's. Plenty of traditional shops have disappeared since.

24 mars 2017

Cristina Branco at Stora Teatern....

Mars 24, 2017

Dominating a wonderful voice register....sometimes on the road to perfection.

Bernardo Couto - portuguese guitar
Bernardo Moreira - contrabass
Luís Figueiredo - piano

Chameleon House....

(click to enlarge) photo: D. Higgins

2017, Coachella Valley, by Doug Aitken (installation)

Quinta dos Azulejos....

photo: Global Images (click to enlarge)

23 mars 2017

20th Century Women....

Greta Gerwig, Elle Fanning, and Annette Bening in Santa Barbara

Got the californian feeling....but the 1970`s (?), were just not there. Life is as much unpredictable like the next decade, and that´s the nice thing with "our" story. Liberating to see an aging movie star without traces of plastic surgery. Elle Fanning (?) ....a star on the rise ! An independent film by Mike Mills.

18 mars 2017

12 mars 2017

10 mars 2017


Elle Marja (Lene Cecilia Sparrok) stuck between two worlds, and steady like a mountain.

Racism has always an history....especially when elevated to science with state participation. Very dark clouds in Sweden's history and the best film from these latitudes for some years. Directed by Amanda Kernell.

Power Station....

07 mars 2017

Galeria UP....

Lisboa, 1933, by Jorge Segurado (disappeared)

Wonder what the young woman at the door was thinking ...?

06 mars 2017

A Rampa....

Lisboa, 1956, by Conceição Silva (disappeared)

02 mars 2017

27 februari 2017

Chelsea Fire Station....

..50 years later with some changes in color and shape.

24 februari 2017

Tate Modern....

Elvis Costello at Konserthuset....

Konserthuset, Februari 23, 2017   photo: GP

I remember Costello från the early 1980's. Never really understood his music, and always had the perception that the music and the singing, sometimes, went separate ways ? Anyway....after a bit more than two hours alone on the stage, you have to surrender to this great performer. I was far from understanding all his lyrics, but I had the feeling that he meant what he was singing....(his very deep-brittish sence of humor, not to forget).

Best in show: Watching the Detectives (and the TV-screen)