05 maj 2016

Bryan Ferry Live 2015....

Recorded during the 2015 Avonmore Tour....and actually, BF first solo live album (!). A precious gift loaded with pearls. The version of "Take a Chance with Me" it´s really something....

04 maj 2016

Bryan Ferry at Gothia Towers....

Göteborg, May 3, 2016

Bryan Ferry - Vocals & Keyboards
Paul Beard - Band leader & Keyboards
Jacob Quistgaard - Guitar
Neil Hubbard - Guitar
Jimmy Sims - Bass
Jorja Chalmers - Saxophones & Keyboards
Luke Bullen - Drums
Lucy Wilkins - Violin
Fonzi Thornton - Backing Vocals
   Bobbie Gordon - Backing Vocal

Best in show: Stronger Through the Years, Take a Chance with Me....and all the rest.
Jorja Chalmers handles the instrument with perfection in Tara, and Fonzi shines through the whole evening (he is truly a showman). Great music Mr. Ferry !
Pity with such a boring audience with lack of energy.  

See you again in Copenhagen....

27 april 2016

Comme un avion....

Follow the dream but take it easy with the absinthiana....

22 april 2016

Eye in the sky....

Intelligence and war in a shape of video game. The mode of suffering is still the same, but far away from the firing button. A film by Gavin Hood with an overplaying Helen Mirren. Allan Rickman`s last film....

17 april 2016

John Cleese at Konserthuset.....

"last time to see me before i die"

bad photo..(use your imagination)..and goodbye Mr. Fawlty !

A trip (and a laugh) through Python, Fawlty Towers, sex, race, violence, death and political correctness. We got to see his favorite scene throughout Fawlty Towers, the one with Luan Peters and the switcher....and I fully agree with that. Two hours of quality entertainment. 

" a sense of humor....is a sense of proportion"

Jardim Botânico Tropical....

15 april 2016

Cassiano Branco, 1937....

Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 87 (demolished)

14 april 2016

El Clan....

Human (violent) behavior in the suburbs of understanding. The heavy legacy of an evil system. A film by Pablo Trapero with an ice cold Guillermo Francella.

07 april 2016


..Jardim Botânico Tropical 

14 mars 2016

Le tout nouveau testament....

..Pili Groyne as Ea

The idea of "deathleaks" is interesting....and would change life dramatically (for the better ?). "God" as a male is apparently the source of the problem....but nothing charming Ea couldn`t solve. A film by Jaco van Dormael....(was the creation process enhanced by any substance ?)

10 mars 2016


A good film ....but next time I will avoid the candy-bag-rustling-popcorn-chewing-movie-theater-for-disturbing-people.

06 mars 2016

Deutschland 83....

..Jonas Nay as Martin

..highly recommendable !

27 februari 2016

Helge Zimdal....

Kungsportsavenyn 34, 1960

Recently restored with brand new oak windows. Credit to Wallenstam for the expenses and good taste.

26 februari 2016


Saoirse Ronan as Eilis..

Maybe....she can get an Oscar for her role !? 

14 februari 2016

Buon San Valentino....


11 februari 2016

Roma, Roma....

..beautiful city....

06 februari 2016

Direction for a another path....

"The best of Joy Division" 

"They were complaining about the cold"....Joy Division, by Kevin Cummins, on the Princess Parkway, Hulme, Manchester, 6 January 1979.

05 februari 2016


February 4, photo: C. Amorim

31 januari 2016

Creating illusions....

(click to enlarge)

.and Fritz Lang on the left side directing the chaos.

30 januari 2016

Metropolis and Göteborgs Symfoniker at Scandinavium....

Scandinavium, January, 29

Fritz Lang's restored and extended film with the missing scenes that were found 2008 in Buenos Aires. Gustav Frölihch and Brigitte Helm are immortal in their roles. The original music played by Sweden's national orchestra (Maestro Frank Strobel) was the cherry to this absolute masterpiece....

24 januari 2016

Walking home....


..Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett

In  "Far from heaven" Todd Haynes got to the core of "morality" and prejudices. Haynes approach to homosexuality is made with the most sensitive "hands", and he is a master in doing so. Once again, he shows that many choices in life....are made (or avoided) according to the consequences. Blanchett and Mara are superb in their acting. When eyes say so much more than words....the evening has come to perfection.

21 januari 2016

Meeting in heaven....again ?

photo: Mick Rock

Lou Reed, Mick Jagger and David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust Farewell Party, Café Royale, Regent Street, London, July 3, 1973

20 januari 2016

11 januari 2016

David Bowie, 1947 - 2016

"The Outside Tour" at Scandinavium, January 20, 1996

In a few words....Bowie was a genius and his legacy is gigantic. Like the best, he invented and reinvented his music and career throughout six decades. I'll keep in memory the last time I saw Bowie live in January 1996 at the Scandinavium arena. Pity life does not have rewind buttons. We will miss you, David....

24 december 2015

Merry Christmas....

..primary school, Portugal around 1940

.."can they know it's Christmas time at all"

23 december 2015

Christmas 1971....

click to enlarge

..at Praça do Marquês de Pombal. But that was a while ago.

04 december 2015

Rua do Carmo....

photo: Horácio Novais, 1959 (?)

Lisbon was special in terms of commerce during the 1960`s. The city lights from shops, neons and Christmas lights created a magic atmosphere and an heaven of colors.

27 november 2015

25 november 2015