16 juli 2014

Bob Dylan at Trädgårdsföreningen....

Trädgårdsföreningen, August, 15

Bob Dylan 2014 is a "slow train coming" behind the piano. Many of the songs are recognizable by the lyrics....and the music is a tool for a changed voice, with lack of energy. Dylan shines thru the closer he gets to the blues....here he knows his lesson, and the band does an excellent job. Best in show: "Blowin` in the wind"

A little note about the five kids sitting in front of me with Dylan T-shirts and continually with concentration on the smartphones....something wrong with the real world ??

Trädgårdsföreningen by night....

14 juli 2014

As últimas paragens de Francisco Lázaro....

  ..a comitiva portuguesa fotografada no Terreiro do Paço, a 26 de Junho de 1912

..a bordo do navio "Astúrias" com rumo a Southampton, a primeira etapa da viagem para Stockholm

..a Escola Hedvig Eleonora na Linnnégatan 54 em Stockholm, onde ficou alojada a comitiva portuguesa

..a partida no Stockholms Stadion para a corrida da maratona olímpica às 13.48 horas, do dia 14 de Julho de 1912

..já fora do Stockholms Stadion na Vallhallavägen....a caminho dos seus últimos 30 quilómetros

..cerca das 6 horas do dia 15 de Julho, Francisco Lázaro perdeu a vida no Serafimerlasarettet em Kungsholmen - Stockholm

..o funeral na passagem pelo Rossio (?) a caminho do Cemitério de Benfica, a 24 de Setembro de 1912 

E aqui um pouco mais desta história..

11 juli 2014

Varieté Caravan at Liseberg....

With Carl-Heinar Häckner, Leo and Alba, and Monsieur Chape Au....

08 juli 2014

07 juli 2014

28 juni 2014

26 juni 2014

Torre Vasco da Gama....

photo: P.Giraud, 2006

1998, by SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill), Nick Jacobs and Leonor Janeiro

Kocks Snickerifabriker....

(click to enlarge)

Chair by Gunnar Asplund, 1937 (Rådhuset)

24 juni 2014

Rio Guadiana....

(click to enlarge)

Portugal to the left....Spain to the right

22 juni 2014

20 juni 2014

Monte Gordo....

photo: B. Kaufmann, (click to enlarge)

12 juni 2014

"Looking for Johnny, the legend of Johnny Thunders"....

Göteborg, Bio Roy, June 11

I had the joy of seeing Johnny Thunders Live back in november 1984. Almost thirty years later and only 250 meters from Studentkåren, I saw this rockumentary by Danny Garcia yesterday. Thunders talent is there all the way....not to mention the drug downward spiral. Sad....that Thunders music is cut in small pieces and portions (for sure for economical reasons) because his music deserves so much more. Not easy to produce such a good piece of work with such a small budget (credit to the director !). Anyway....Johnnys gitarr is its own, fast and furious, just like his short life.

Here is Johnny`s great song "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory", performed in Madrid back in 1985.

And here you can read more about the film

09 juni 2014


Sociedade Equipamentos de Escritório Limitada....early 1960`s (?)

07 juni 2014

Escola Primária do Vale Escuro....

decorative panel by Júlio Pomar

photos: Armando Serôdio

Lisboa, 1956, by Victor Palla and Bento de Almeida

Café pam pam....

photo: Estúdio Mário Novais

Lisboa, Praça do Chile, late 1950`s, by Victor Palla and Bento de Almeida

05 juni 2014

Brick & shale....

Haga Östergata, 1957, by Erik Uppling and Eric Fylking

03 juni 2014

30 maj 2014

Vilar Formoso....

photo: A. Martins

The border....on the way to Lisbon

26 maj 2014