02 mars 2015

Architecture with a huge A....

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Cantina da Universidade de Lisboa, 1961, by Manuel Norberto Correia and Rafael Miranda

22 februari 2015

Restaurante Narciso....

Praia de Carcavelos, winter sun in February, listening to the sound of the waves....

21 februari 2015

Edificio Kepler....

Anzures, 1957, by Ramón Torres and Héctor Velázquez

Estádio 28 de Maio....

Braga, 1950, by Travassos Valdez

The broken circle breakdown....

Johan Heldenbergh and Veerle Baetens

Enjoy while it lasts. Life can change direction without a choice, and one day we have to face the rear of the train while it disappears in the horizon....to never come back. Great performances from the two above, and that last scene is heartbreaking....but unforgettable.

A film by Felix van Groeningen, IMDB

20 februari 2015

19 februari 2015

The Beachcomber House....

Carlingford, 1961, by Nino Sydney

18 februari 2015

14 februari 2015


Buon San Valentino....M.

12 februari 2015

Clouds of Sils Maria....

Madame Binoche acts like a cameleont and gets the right color everywhere - anytime. Her performance overshadows the story....but that is a price worth to pay. Kristen Stewart does a great supporting role, and it was ages ago I saw Angela Winkler on the screen. Aging is a tough task, the sense of loss is a constant companion....but what are the alternatives ?

A film by Olivier Assayas, IMDB

Roma, Roma....

Via dei Fori Imperiale

.. the most beautiful city

10 februari 2015

The National - Trouble will find me....

This album is a pearl from the beginning to the end. There is an aura of sadness, a dark cloud suspended in the sound - mixed with a clear string of hope in Matt Berninger's voice. Sometimes I can hear the influences of Joy Division, and that is another exquisite attribute of this CD.

05 februari 2015

"A morte de Carlos Gardel"....

Carlos Malvarez and Celia Williams

A very good film by Solveig Nordlund, about a devastating reality that harvested so many young lives in four decades, here

After a book by António Lobo Antunes, which i presume once lived in this house in Benfica where a few scenes were recorded.

Hotell Volrat Tham....

..architect Johan Tuvert ?

20 januari 2015

"The imitation game"....

Keira Knightley, Matthew Beard, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matthew Goode and Allen Leech

British acting at its best and a story with a sad end....and one should wonder who is crucified right now in the name of whatever. The official public apology that arrived more than fifty years after his suicide, was indeed a great demonstration of state hypocrisy.

A film by Morten Tyldum, IMDB

13 januari 2015

Henry Moore....

Göteborg, Slottsskogen, "Vilande figur", 1963 - 2012. Interesting but I never got the impression of a "reclining figure", during its time in the park.

..with a small adjustment in position suddenly the "reclining figure" is crystal clear !!

Removed from Slottsskogen on permanent basis to prevent future thefts and awaiting for conservation works. Its future placement is not decided. 


1914-16, by Arvid Bjerke and R-O Swensson

06 januari 2015

01 januari 2015

24 december 2014

Cantinflas at Éden Cinema....

..the matinee on Christmas eve around 1970 

16 december 2014

To you all....

Primary school in Portugal, around 1940. Photo by Bernard Hoffman 

..Merry Christmas.

12 december 2014

10 december 2014

Smoke....and smell

..from roasted chestnuts