16 september 2017

The summer of 1967 on Haight Street....

The little baby in the photo which hopefully newly turned 50 years old....did she/he experienced a better world ?

15 september 2017

Villa Ferri....

Napoli, 1947, by Francesco Della Sala

13 september 2017

29 augusti 2017

26 augusti 2017

Ane Brun at Liseberg....

Liseberg, August, 25

..and her waves of rhythmic fusion. Sometimes brilliant.
Best in show: Beyoncé`s "Halo" 

03 augusti 2017

27 juni 2017

Coldplay at Ullevi....

Ullevi Stadium, June 26

Coldplay plays nowadays in the "big show club" (those who can easily fill up a huge stadium two days on the row). They are a bigger band today....but definitely not better. The golden era after the two highlights "X & Y" and "Viva la Vida" it´s obviously difficult to surpass....or even equal. Many of the more recent songs don't even get close. A bit to much balloons, fireworks and some unnecessarily "pep talk" from Chris Martin is turning the music....into a sparkling (xyloband) show. 
I saw this band back in August 2009 at Stockholms Stadion - and that was probably one of the top three concerts I ever experienced. The concert at Ullevi Stadium yesterday was okay....but no more.

Best in show: "Something Just Like This" and of course...."Yellow"

Cap d'Antibes....

28 maj 2017

20 maj 2017

Praying in the 1980`s....

Mariestad, 1981, by Janne Feldt