23 februari 2018

22 februari 2018


Stockholm, 1924, by Sven Wallander

19 februari 2018

Casa Albarraque....

1961, by Raúl Hestnes Ferreira, photo: Luis Pavao

17 februari 2018

16 februari 2018

Ana Moura...

With a new record and on the road again. "Desamparo" is a brilliant song....and she can really sing from the heart.

14 februari 2018

11 februari 2018

10 februari 2018

Café Cristal....

Lisboa, 1941, by Cassiano Branco

07 februari 2018

Long before #metoo....

Tippi Hedren and daughter Melanie Griffith in 1966

..the price of refusal was a destroyed career.

05 februari 2018

04 februari 2018

03 februari 2018

26 januari 2018

The portuguese destructive methodology for classified areas....

The gardens of palacete Mendonça in Lisbon, April 2017

..and today.

The gardens are classified (protected by law), yet the trees were mutilated by the converging incompetence of authorities, owners, builders, etc. Unfortunately, not an isolated example, but more or less the "modus operandi" that slowly (but firmly) is destroying the character and authenticity of the city of Lisbon. 

23 januari 2018

Viskningar och rop....

Nykvist, Bergman, Thulin and Ullmann

Whispers and shouts and not "Cries and Whispers" 
Sussurros e gritos e não "Lágrimas e suspiros"

20 januari 2018

Another goodbye among Lisbon's historic shops....

The bookshop Aillaud & Lellos at Rua do Carmo, 82, opened the doors in 1931 and closed definitely in december 2017. New attractions for tourists are to be expected.

He sold one (!) painting....

Arles, 1888

..during his lifetime !?

13 januari 2018

Björn Ehrling....

Frihetens Legender

A Swedish singer hardly remembered in his native country. This pearl was recorded in May 1978 and became a rare blend of Portuguese traditional music, fado, and Swedish "vistradition".

Björn Ehrling - song, Vital Assunção - guitar, Armenio de Melo - portuguese guitar, Björn J:son Lindh - flute,Turid Lundqvist - song

The Stockholm Exhibition....

1930, by Gunnar Asplund

07 januari 2018


Av. Infante Santo, by Alberto José Pessoa

01 januari 2018

Praia de Carcavelos....

photo: Terceira Dimensao (click to enlarge)

29 december 2017

22 december 2017


by Dufour & Leroy (around 1850)

19 december 2017

Hotel Tivoli....

Lisboa, 1956, by Porfirio Pardal Monteiro

17 december 2017

16 december 2017

10 december 2017

The remains of the day....

Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins 

When the most delightful piece of acting overshadows the story....

08 december 2017

Monterey Pop Festival....

..and Janis performance was extraordinary in every sense

06 december 2017

25 november 2017

The Square....

With all the respect for Ruben Östlund I wonder were the Palme d'Or came from ? Fingers pointed in different directions but the feeling after the credits is no more then....empty. Not a bad film, but not so much more than that. To the memory files I take that scene with Elisabeth Moss and the "condom". A great actress for many years to come.

23 november 2017


LA, 1937, by William E. Mayer

19 november 2017

Tidningshuset som Gud glömde....

En Göteborgs historia klurigt skriven av Gertrud Larsson om girighet och inkompetens i den övre divisionen. Iscensatt i form av dröm (eller var det mardröm ?), och med en utmärkt ensemble. Mest minnesvärt blev karaktärerna Döden (Fredrik Lundin) och Teodorescu (Victoria Dyrstad). De två unga skådespelare kommer vi att se mycket av i framtiden.

18 november 2017

German Pavilion....

Brussels, 1958, by Egon Eiermann and Sep Ruf

17 november 2017