21 maj 2018

17 maj 2018

Windows of Vila Viçosa....

..in large number destroyed when substituted by plastic or metal frames.

15 maj 2018


1908, by Arnaldo Adães Bermudes

17 mars 2018

Luísa Sobral at Musikens Hus....

Luísa and Mário Delgado, Musikens Hus, Mars, 17

The ability of becoming the seventh string of the guitar is not for everyone, and the fusion between voice and music becomes delightful.

Best in show: "Janie"

10 mars 2018

Lady Bird....

Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf

College, sex, family, swinging doors and opportunities....and the "wrong side of the tracks". The "american" theme is by now nearly exhausted - but not really in Greta Gerwig`s film. There is an extra touch of sensitivity throughout the story, a truly delicate feminine touch. And of course....Saoirse Ronan gets to the core of the american soul, and she does it with talent.

08 mars 2018

Casa Raul....

Aculeo, 2007, by Mathias Klotz

07 mars 2018

04 mars 2018


Maj-Britt Nilsson and Birger Malmsten

Enjoy while it lasts....

01 mars 2018

Penguins` Pool....

London Zoo, 1934, by Berthold Lubetkin

28 februari 2018

25 februari 2018


1931, by Luis Cristino da Silva, photo: A. Amorim

23 februari 2018

22 februari 2018


Stockholm, 1924, by Sven Wallander

19 februari 2018

Casa Albarraque....

1961, by Raúl Hestnes Ferreira, photo: Luis Pavao

17 februari 2018


2017, by Sisa Vieira, photo: João Morgado 

16 februari 2018

Ana Moura...

With a new record and on the road again. "Desamparo" is a brilliant song....and she can really sing from the heart.

14 februari 2018