11 november 2018


Adam Driver and John David Washington

Not much has changed in fifty years time....

09 november 2018

"Hello ! What a nice record store...!"

Bengans in Göteborg....one of the very last in Sweden

05 november 2018

Campo Grande....

..by Keil do Amaral, 1948. photo: Artur Goulart, 1961

03 november 2018

Life on Mars....

..and the creation by Freddie Burretti. Photo by Mick Rock

27 oktober 2018

27 september 2018

28 augusti 2018


..República and Saldanha

29 juni 2018

08 juni 2018

Future Islands and The National at Garden Fest....

Warpaint from LA on stage....

Future Islands; If you ever wonder about stage energy....
best in show: Seasons (waiting on you)

The National; In their best moments, extraordinary ! Best in show: I Need My Girl, (Pink Rabbits drowned in whatever was in the glass).

Trädgårdsföreningen, June 6

Matt Berninger; a joy for the audience, a nightmare for security 

Going to a concert without expecting much....and getting home with a unique experience.