25 november 2014

22 november 2014

21 november 2014


Just for the sake of track six....worth every penny. A bit like riding a horse above the clouds. See you in May at Usher Hall....

Museu Berardo....

..Centro Cultural de Belém

Rio Tejo....

..and Belém

Museu Nacional do Azulejo....

..Convento da Madre de Deus

19 november 2014

17 november 2014

"Os Maias - Cenas da Vida Romântica"....

Uma tragédia burguesa empacotada em belas imagens e uma delicia de diálogos a atarem o presente. Sinceramente....gostei daquela cenografia que mostra pouco, mas liberta ainda mais. Quanto ao papel de Pedro Inês (joão da Ega)....soberbo. Duas horas e meia muito bem passadas no escuro do Fonte Nova.  

Um filme de João Botelho

03 november 2014

Leonis Salladsbar....a pearl from the 1980`s

photo: Gert Wingårdh

Once upon a time in Fredsgatan, Göteborg, and like most works from the 80s...gone long time ago. One of architect Gert Wingårdh early works 
(1978 ?)....

Thanks Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor !! 

01 november 2014

Grupo Compay Segundo at Konserthuset....

Göteborg, Konserthuset, October, 31

Beginning a concert with a sitting audience....and ended it with a dancing crowd, is the best appreciation you can ever get. "El Grupo" knows how to perform, and old Compay was certainly up there keeping an eye in "los muchachos"

Best in show: "A caballo vamos pal monte"

29 oktober 2014

Bryan Ferry at Lisebergshallen....

Göteborg, Lisebergshallen, October, 28 (photo: GP)

Think about a concept that worked in 1974....and still function forty years later ! The elegant dandy with the seducing voice, still sing with the same charisma and deep feeling. Bryan Ferry's music is no less than....timeless. Magical-rhythmical candy for our senses, and yesterday nothing of that was changed. As usual Mr. Ferry gives the (splendid) musicians plenty of space in the limelight. The things one could complain about was the sitting audience, and the fact that live concerts dont have a rewind button. One and half hours of music was by the way a bit short for the money.

I hope we meet soon again Mr. Ferry !!

Paul Beard - keyboards
Guy Pratt - bass
Jorja Chalmers - sax
Cherisse Osei - drums
Jacob Quistgaard - guitarr
Steve Jones - guitar
Bobbie Gordon - backing vocals
Jodie Scantlebury - backing vocals
Fonzi Thornton - backing vocals

Best in show: 
"Oh Yeah" (such a great song), "Kiss and Tell", "Take a chance with me", "More than this", "Slave to love", "Virginia Plain", "Jealous Guy", "Avalon"....and all the rest !!

21 oktober 2014

Avant l`hiver....

Kristin Scott Thomas and Daniel Auteuil in a film by Philippe Claudel

Take a step aside from the main road....and you may find yourself wondering about the previous direction.

20 oktober 2014

The changes over time....

Skogskyrkogården by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz (Woodland Cemitery)

..sometimes not for the better

14 oktober 2014

The Skeleton Twins....

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader

Another blow of fresh air from independent films....and some great performances from the two above. A very good film by Craig Johnson....IMDB

"Night on El Train" ....

Edward Hooper, 1918 (click to enlarge)

Take a close look at the position of her body ....and specially the legs !!

12 oktober 2014

Jesus / Baby at Aftonstjärnan....

..the electrified Bjarton från the 1960's

..the telephone - microphone

..and three boys with talent an soul  (photo from another occasion)

Well....hope we meet again guys !!

08 oktober 2014


..and Café - Pastelaria Limo Verde

Better than this...?

Club Ariston, Mar del Plata, Francisco Coire, Eduardo Catalano and Marcel Breuer

06 oktober 2014

A shop of dreams...

..the above photo must be prior to 1957, the year Portugal got their first television broadcast..

 ..Discoteca Universal at Rua do Carmo, 51 C, disappeared in the late 1970`s (?)

..and 2009

03 oktober 2014

Modern simplicity...

Casa Aiola, Arrábida, 1960, by Eduardo Anahory

02 oktober 2014


by Volker Schlöndorff, with Niels Arestrup and André Dussollier (when acting is highly above the story....)

01 oktober 2014

tique taque....

Lisboa, 1957, by Victor Palla and Bento de Almeida