29 oktober 2015

Casa das Pedras....

Parede, 1903, by Nicola Bigaglia

At last, with some legal protection  :-)

24 oktober 2015

Elevador da Glória....

photo: Carlos Fonseca

..130 years today

17 oktober 2015

St. Jörgens Kapell....

Varberg, 1969, by Ehn & Hellsén Arkitektkontor 

04 oktober 2015

Mariza at Konserthuset....

Göteborg, October 1

The graceful tiny body with the voice like an eruptive volcano. She is not just a great "Fadista", but a world class performer. I still wonder how the musicians were able to play at such level for 2,5 hours ? 

A night to remember Mariza !!

Best in show: "Primavera"