27 juni 2010

Nordic Pavilion....

Venice, 1962, by Sverre Fehn

26 juni 2010

Modern Sweden....

Alvhem, 2010

Escuela Naval....

Valparaiso, 1958, by Mario Perez de Arce

24 juni 2010

Hodge Crabtree Residence....

San Diego, 1962, by Liebhardt & Weston

19 juni 2010

Falu rödfärg....

Göteborgs Remfabriks Aktiebolag
....probably the best paint on earth !

Peckham Library....

London, 1999, by Alsop & Störmer Architects

14 juni 2010

Highpoint One....1935

by Berthold Lubetkin, 1935
Living room in the penthouse of Highpoint Two occupied by Berthold and Margaret Lubetkin, Highgate, London, 1937-1938

13 juni 2010

10 juni 2010

The X-100....

LA, 1956, by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons
"Jones and Emmons completed the X-100, the experimental steel house in San Mateo, for Eichler. The X-100 was a sophisticated composition of painted steel posts and beams with inner garden courtyards that softened the inherently cold quality of the steel structure. "

09 juni 2010

Frey House II....

Palm Springs, 1964, by Albert Frey

01 juni 2010

No place, no year, no architect....

....but a fantastic house (1960`s ?)