30 december 2012


photo: Portugalvirtual

Rua do Carmo....

..before the devastating fire of 1988

29 december 2012

The train from Madrid arrive at 21h40....

Santa Apolónia Station....some time for reflection

28 december 2012

Costa do Sol....

Regina, and Estoril....very good indeed after 3600 km !

27 december 2012

26 december 2012

Metropolitano de Lisboa....

( click to enlarge)

photo: Estúdio Horácio Novais, (late 50`s ?)

24 december 2012

Merry Christmas....

photo: Dorothea Lange, California, 1930`s

23 december 2012


..but what is it ?

22 december 2012


Sunny....even in the winter


photo: Estúdio Horácio Novais

Roasted chestnuts....in the streets of Lisbon....heavenly

19 december 2012

16 december 2012

Or in the mood for rest....

..with this "chauffeuse" by Niemeyer ?

In the mood for a new vehicle...?

photos: Estúdio Mario Novais

Ford Lusitana at Rua Castilho, 1932, by Porfírio Pardal Monteiro

14 december 2012

"Dom över död man" (The Last Sentence)

Torgny Segerstedt, 1876-1945

Jesper Christensen and Pernilla August

A film by Jan Troell about one of the twentieth century's most courageous swedes....

07 december 2012

Lisbon prêt-à-porter....

..Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, (1970`s ?)

04 december 2012