26 februari 2011

Abbeyleix Library....

Laois, 2009, by DeBlacam & Meagher


København, 1960, by Henning af Larsen, Gert Bornebusch, Max Brüel, Jørgen Selchau

25 februari 2011

Casa Curutchet....

La Plata, 1955, by Le Corbusier
Classified as Monumento Nacional....and respected as such ! (the entrance door bear witness to a great sense of humor ?)

24 februari 2011

Edificio de la CEPAL....

Comuna de Vitacura, 1966, by Emilio Duhart, Christian de Groote, Roberto Goycoolea, Oscar Santelices.
If I ever visit Chile,....I will not miss this !

23 februari 2011

Viktor Rydberg Student Apartments

Johanneberg, 1953


The Hague, 1926, by Jan Wils and Frans Lourijsen

21 februari 2011

20 februari 2011

Trygg Hansa-huset....

Stockholm, 1976, by Anders Tengbom
..and some aesthetic illiterate politicians from Stockholm want to demolish this building !

Olsen House....

Berkeley, 1954, by Donald Olsen
..classified as "city landmark"

19 februari 2011

Casa Cortés....

Comuna de Las Condes, 1957, by Jorge Costabal and Alejandro Méndez.... (demolished)

18 februari 2011

Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum....

..If you need to visit an excelent museum and a place where time stands still....

16 februari 2011

Every time I visit The Museum of Natural History....

..I have to admire this wonderful Castelli chair by Giancarlo Piretti

15 februari 2011

The Kawahara Residence....

Rolling Hills Estates, LA, 1969, by Craig Ellwood

14 februari 2011

Roma, Roma....

..buon giorno di San Valentino....M.

12 februari 2011

Roma, Roma....

..Città Eterna....
..unforgettable city !

11 februari 2011


Göteborg, 1952, by Carl Nyrén
..and the main building

09 februari 2011



Slottsskogen, Göteborg, 1963, by Per Lindfors.

Previously a cafe-restaurant transformed into art school a few years ago. The renovation took no account of the building's original design, that also included an independent external staircase that was removed. Sorry....not my kind of "art school" ! Why cover the external red brick walls with white paint ?...stupidity and bad taste my friends !

08 februari 2011

The barbarians of Ulricehamn....

..want to destroy this unique public environment by selling specially designed chairs and tables from the 1950`s....and here is the story in swedish!

Oficina del Servicio de Seguro Social de Antofagasta....

Antofagasta, 1961, by Carlos Bresciani, Héctor Valdés, Fernando Castillo, Carlos García-Huidobro
So balanced and elegant with the perforated blocks....but demolished !