29 juni 2012


Carl Nyrén`s own house....

26 juni 2012

Erik Hassle at Liseberg....

A talented singer....indeed ! Ever heard this song ?

24 juni 2012

The Hunt House....

Fire Island, 1958, by Andrew Geller

19 juni 2012

18 juni 2012

Sapataria do Carmo....

 Largo do Carmo, 26  photo: Cidadania LX

Lisbon traditional commerce at its best....and well worth a visit !

Contrasts of Sassari....

17 juni 2012

The Gregory Residence....

Lanbertville, NJ, 1960, by Jules Gregory

16 juni 2012

13 juni 2012

En Svensk Tiger....

En Svensk Tiger...."versace style"

Lyssna på den här skivan....vill du sitta kvar i stolen när du lyssnar på  Leningrad Skyline....så skall du omedelbart leta upp närmaste vårdhem ! 

..och den sista "Fångad i Glas"


11 juni 2012


Tibro, 1967, by Ralph Erskine (photo: GP)

10 juni 2012

Do I recognize this beauty...?

.. the Fender American Standard Strat 2009 Limited Edition (Surf Green)

09 juni 2012

En Svensk Tiger and Of Chords at Sticky Fingers....

Of Chords improved since last time, and the new songs are taking the band to new levels….some hard work and these boys will do something great in a few years. 

En Svensk Tiger is no fake….they perform like a hungry (angry) tiger the all way. There was decades ago since I witnessed a live performance with such a level of energi….a symbiotic act between performers and audience. The lyrics are sharp like razor blades and delivered like bullets over our heads. 

07 juni 2012

Flying was once very expensive and luxurious....

Nowadays one can buy a ticket for little money (the included meal that everybody complained about is gone). Todays comfort is suitable for cattle transportation....and they will soon ask you how many times you intend to breath....or visit the toilett, in order to invent new additional charges.

05 juni 2012


Stockholm, Rörstrandsgatan 7, 1930, by Birger Jonson