07 mars 2009

Selvagens por toda a parte...

MASLON HOUSE, Richard Neutra, 1962 (demolished 2002)
"In 2002, during escrow of Richard Neutra's 1962 Maslon House in Rancho Mirage we heard rumors of possibly serious modifications to the residence. Within days of escrow's close, a demolition permit had been applied for and approved by the City of Rancho Mirage and the Maslon House completely razed. In our frustration and outrage, Modcommers organized a worldwide publicity effort with three aims:
1) Warn that important buildings by recognized architects are not necessarily safe anywhere in America. (or in any part of the world m.n.)

2) Encourage city's to adopt preservation ordinances and conduct thorough, professionally-prepared historic resources surveys in establishing the significance of a property before demolition permits are issued.

3) Serve as a warning that owners of historic properties will no longer be able to assume apathy on the part of preservationists but, instead, be inundated with unfavorable local or national publicity instead.The Palm Springs Modern Committee's success at gaining national publicity about the Maslon House demolition should assist others in their preservation efforts by serving as an example of what happens when cities are complacent about identifying and designating their historic resources."
in "The Palm Springs Modern Committee"

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