01 augusti 2009

U2 360° Tour and....The Claw !

Nya Ullevi, Fritz Jaenecke / Sten Samuelson, 1958 (click to enlarge)

Ullevi Stadium, Göteborg, 31 July 2009

Not as good as the concert in Göteborg during The Vertigo Tour 2005 (which was a complete knockout), but a memorable show with the most “intelligent” stage ever.... “The Claw” (Willie Williams): Inspired on the Theme Building of the LAX Airport (Pereira, Luckman, Williams, Becket), the stage has no defined front or back and is surrounded on all sides by the audience. Gigantic....without hiding anything at all, hanging loudspeakers with perfect sound,....a brilliant concept.

Best in show: "Vertigo" and a very odd version of "I`ll go crazy if I don`t go crazy tonight".... (Snow Patrol was a good revelation).

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