03 mars 2009

Achtung....oportunidade !!!!

Kaufmann Desert House de Richard Neutra, 1946
......continua à procura de novo dono por $12,975,000.....uma casinha de campo em Palm Springs ! Now we're talking !
"1946 - The Kaufmann House, 740 W. Chino Canyon Road, Palm Springs, CA. Designed for the same family that owned Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. When Kaufmann died in 1955, the house was vacant for a number of years. Then came several new owners, including Barry Manilow. Bought by Brent and Beth Harris for $1.5M in 1992. The house was then restored by architects Marmol and Radziner. Now for sale by Christie's, asking around $25 million." ...."in Triangle Modernist Houses"

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Paulo Ferrero sa...

E uma nave de muito bom gosto, sim senhor. Bergman, ele, Ingmar, e ela, Ingrid teriam gostado.
Abraço e cá fica registado como visita periódica...