18 maj 2009

"Draken" still alive....and kicking !

Göteborg, Nils-Einar Eriksson, 1956 
."In the opening speech of the 1995 Festival, it was announced that Draken, owned and operated by Svensk Filmindustri /SF, was to be closed down the coming summer to the benefit of the expanding multiplexes. SF was willing to leave the cinema to the Gothenburg Film Festival. SF´s main concern was the seats, newly installed, which could easily be moved to another cinema. An appeal was directed to the audience, to raise enough money to buy the seats and save the theater. This turned out very successful and each one of the 713 seats were sold symbolically for SEK 1.000! World famous Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman, was among those buying a seat and rescuing Draken"

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