24 augusti 2009

Coldplay and "Viva La Vida Tour" at Stockholms Stadion….

22nd of August, 22:47
at this point.... I was in another planet

....remember this band "White Lies" ....because they are good!

....the 1912 Olympic Stadium (click to enlarge); the place where my fellow countryman Francisco Lázaro never arrived....
Coldplay gave everything they had….and they have a lot to give. A fantastic concert with Chris Martin in absolute top shape (went straight into my all time top three list). The band and the songs, the lights and the sound....invited us to 111 minutes of unforgettable music.
If you have the opportunity to see these guys….don’t miss it !!!!
Best in show: "Glass of Water" and the other 22 songs including the tribute to Michael Jackson, "Billy Jean"
One word = MAGICAL

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