27 maj 2011

Bryan Ferry at Liseberg....

Liseberg, 27th May 2011

The last time I saw Ferry was in Mars 1977 at Scandinavium ....thirty-four years later he starts the concert on a low gear, but very soon we reach greater heights through his unique ability to create melodic sound carpets. Ferry is a gentleman in every way, and creates space for the excellent band to shine through the whole concert.

Best in show ....the whole show, "Slave to Love", "Avalon",
"All Along the Watchtower" ....and everything else!

Welcome back soon Mr. Ferry !

Andy Newmark - drums
Colin Good – piano / keyboard
Ollie Thompson – guitar
Jerry Meehan – bass
Jorja Chalmers – keyboard / saxofon (how good was she !)
Tara Ferry – percussion
Chris Spedding - guitar (played as well in 1977)
Aleysha Gordon – song
Hannah Khemoh – song
Marie Rawlinson – dance
Jade Sullivan – dance

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