02 juli 2011

"Where the action is" at Slottsskogen, June 28. Coldplay, Glasvegas, Brandon Flowers and others....

Music festivals
are not really my "cup of tea". For a lot of good things, may give rise to indigestion....and there is almost no time between the main courses. Not so fun for an artist to play the last songs, and see much of the audience rush to the next scene. But Slottsskogen is a lovely park, and the weather was the very best....

The desperation and sorrow in James voice is special. Okey...he was not really sober this evening….but Rabs gitarr was screaming and crying as usual. 

Brandon Flowers is a great singer....in fact he is probably the best singer out there. Not only for the fantastic voice ...but as much for the outstanding timing. This guy could go out for a 15 minute walk, and come back in the right hundredth of a second. 

Something was missing this evening….don`t ask me what!              ff
I still have that concert at Stockholms Stadium back in August 2009….in my had. For some reason I needed Fix You”….and I saw a little bird in the sky.

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