11 december 2011

Deep Purple at Scandinavium....

 Scandinavium, December 10, 2011

Well.... “Made in Japan” was one of the first albums in my music collection. Deep Purple 40 years later....is just 40 years too late. Despite the energy provided by the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt and the fact that these guys are great musicians, this concert was a nostalgic trip to nowhere. Ian Gillam`s voice is just a shadow of the past, and sometimes he tends to sing dreadfully "inwards". I am glad he did not sing one of all times better rock songs; "Child in Time". Best in show...."Smoke on the water" ! 
One of the better ways to kill a rock concert is to have a seated audience....congratulations Live Nation. 

Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Steve Morse, Don Airey

2 kommentarer:

polittikus sa...

Ui Deep Purple. Gostava de os apanhar em Portugal. Mas infelizmente vivo em um país que enche apenas com os Tony´s a cantarem a vida do corno abandonado.

Julio Amorim sa...

Olhe que ontem não perdeu muito ;)