05 juli 2012

Madonna at Ullevi Stadium....

4th of July, 2012  (click to enlarge)

It was three years ago since last time I saw Madonna during “The Sticky and Sweet Tour”….and she still is the ”Queen of Pop”.

Madonna is a super-professional in every way, and delivers her stuff without so much compromises. People still miss many of her “greatest hits” live; well….she sang eight new songs from the last album MDNA….and how many artists at this level have the guts to do so ?

(click to enlarge)
Madonna has allways moved forward as an artist and that’s the reason why she still sits on “the pop throne”. The coreography and set design was about the best I ever experienced in a pop concert and I would like to see the show a few times more....in order to put things together and digest so many impressions.

Madonna works hard through the all show, and never gives the audience a chance to loose concentration on the event. Many use to say that Madonna is not a great singer !?..try to walk, run, dance…and sing at the same time for allmost two hours, and tell me about the results !?

The MDNA was another memorable concert….and “The Queen” has not yet abdicated !

Best in show:  “Girl gone wild”, “Masterpiece“ (a very good song) and “Vogue”

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