15 augusti 2014

The story of a (mobile) ceramic fountain that crossed the Atlantic twice....

Created by Gunnar Nylund at Rörstrand and aimed for the company's exhibition at the National Museum in Stockholm 1943, while the permanent exhibition were evacuated due to the II World War.

The fountain landed later at the NK Department Store in Stockholm between 1944-45, and then back to Rörstrands headquarters in Lidköping.

Later it was sold to Grand Centralhotellet in Gävle and stayed there in the "winter garden", until a fire destroyed part of the hotel under the late 1960`s. It was then stored for some years. Sold to a farmer in Iowa during the year of 1972 and assembled with Portland cement (!) at his farm in 1980.

Partially destroyed under a few decades by a severe climate in North America.

 Back to Lidköping in 2008….in a very bad shape.

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