17 mars 2015

Simple Minds at Lisebergshallen....

Göteborg, Mars, 16

Last time I saw Simple Minds live (2006, Götaplatsen), Jim Kerr was the band`s fifth instrument. His ability of riding the waves of music as a singer - was special....very special. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. He doesn't reach the heights he used to spoil us with in the past. By listening to the excellent double album "Live in the city of light" from 1987, one can get an idea about the kind of performances this band was able to put up in the past. Amazingly, the best songs this night, came from the last album (Big Music), and when the band performed "Midnight Walking"....Simple Minds was back for a short while. Credit to Charlie Burchill and his totally relaxed sparkling gitarr. Mel Gaynor works hard as  "rhythm master", yet he looked a bit like a tired lorry driver in the beginning of the show. By the way Jim Kerr - you need some exercise ! It may enhance your voice as well....

From the old songs, "Love Song" was the best. 

Andy Gillespie - keyboards
Ged Grimes - bass
Sarah Brown - vocals
Catherine Anne Davies - gitarr / keyboards / vocals

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