31 maj 2015

Bryan Ferry at Usher Hall....

Edinburgh, May, 24

Another memorable concert with this gentleman. A good blend of Roxy Music, Ferry, and of course, the "Dylanesque" songs. As usual Ferry is supported by great musicians and the singing section with Fonzi Thornton in the front....is always special. The songs were performed as a bit "to short" version (pity !). Usher Hall was by the way a very pleasant place and one could even bring the drinks inside the theatre :)

Best in show: "Take A Chance With Me"....and all the rest.

Bryan Ferry - vocals & keyboards
Paul Beard - piano & keyboards
Jacob Quistgaard - lead guitar
Neil Hubbard - rhythm guitar
Luke Bullen - drums
Jimmy Sims - bass
Lucy Wilkins - violin 
Jorja Chalmers - sax & keyboards
Fonzi Thornton - backing vocals
Bobbie Gordon - backing vocals
Rhianna Kenny - backing vocals
Nathalia Bonner - violin 

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