04 maj 2016

Bryan Ferry at Gothia Towers....

Göteborg, May 3, 2016

Bryan Ferry - Vocals & Keyboards
Paul Beard - Band leader & Keyboards
Jacob Quistgaard - Guitar
Neil Hubbard - Guitar
Jimmy Sims - Bass
Jorja Chalmers - Saxophones & Keyboards
Luke Bullen - Drums
Lucy Wilkins - Violin
Fonzi Thornton - Backing Vocals
   Bobbie Gordon - Backing Vocal

Best in show: Stronger Through the Years, Take a Chance with Me....and all the rest.
Jorja Chalmers handles the instrument with perfection in Tara, and Fonzi shines through the whole evening (he is truly a showman).
Pity with such a boring audience with lack of energy.  

See you again in Copenhagen....

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